Reclaim by Aly Martinez




Nora and Camden not only shine in this story they radiate from the pages. Aly Martinez took such tragedy and built such love and light within their little world by the creek. I could not put this one down and fell in love with both of them along the journey. The brutality of what life can throw at you brought to life so poignantly it startled me. The feelings, voices, thoughts and fears were drawn in a way they could be felt instead of just read. Passion that surpassed years of neglect and fear had me swooning. And the ever steady beat of two hearts that always belonged together finding their way back time and time again. A lifeline that was passed from one another through trials and tribulations always finding its way to where it was needed the most. And a hero that put all other heroes to rest, alining himself in the book boyfriend hall of damn fame people!! 

Aly Martinez wrote a powerful, heart wrenching, yet beautiful story of love, friendship and withstanding the test of time and doubt. I felt this story in my heart, body and soul, and I could not have loved it more. Incredible. xo

Written by: unrulygirl

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