Reclaimed by River Savage

Having LOVED Nix and Kadence in Incandescent I was excited to get this glimpse into their domestic life. It was honest, blunt, real and still held a quality of biker bad-assness that was all Nix. Everyone leads you to believe that having a baby is this magical, beautiful thing that just seals instantly, but those of us that have actually encountered it know it can be rough. This is the story they don’t tell you in the What To Expect books and movies, this is the grit, sore tits, crying over nothing, can’t fit in your fucking jeans version that holds a truth all of us can relate to.

Having found the love of her life, overcoming all of the obstacles that were thrown before them, finding out you’re pregnant, getting married and becoming a mom in a very short amount of time, it’s not a surprise that the birth of another child, although blessed added just enough to be ENOUGH already.  Knowing that the love was there it just was clouded with a depression that isn’t easily remedied, nothing a big cock and orgasm can cure, only time, patience and an understanding that many men don’t usually comprehend. Watching your friends naturally come by motherhood, and knowing that you are better than what is being handed to you.

I enjoyed this story..the reclaiming of a love that was so fast, so strong that not even postpartum could derail it. Reminding both Nix and Kadence why they fell in the first place.

Written by: unrulygirl

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