Resisting Ryann by Alyssa Rae Taylor

First things first…being a self-proclaimed cover whore (amongst other things) I was SOLD on book one…I believe there may have been drool on my kindle more than once, and luckily for me, the story behind the cover was amazing…ending in a WTF, I need more way!  Not a bam bam in sight, but completely sold on the sexual tension and want for the v-card to finally be given up made me RUN back for more!

Book two…ended with a ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Making me want to sprint my chubby ass to read the next book!  The connection is so solid that you are completely taken by both Luke and Reese, so much so that I was talking to my kindle, even going as far as screaming “NOOOOOOO”  at one point, but did anyone hear me? Um, no! They just carried on with their misconstrued notions as if I was not even there…

I am handing out my first medal of honor to Ms. Alyssa Rae Taylor.  She is top of her game in sexual tension, teasing and withholding of the bam whilst still keeping me completely riveted and begging for more!  I want to high five and send her a bill for my therapy all at the same time, so with love and pent up sexual frustration I bid you happy reading and please write my Luke fast…deep…long and wide…mmmmmm maybe you can slow down just a bit…yeah right there…oh yeah the book, great story, connections and a love that can last through the test of time…I hope!

Written by: unrulygirl

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