Resisting Temptation by K.C. Lynn

Who do I thank..K.C., Cade, book Gods? I am not sure but there are certain books, stories that come into our lives and remind us why we read…why we ignore the dishes, laundry, children and partners in our lives, so that we can fill that need…that void that only a great love story can give us.  This book did that. 

Cade the perfect mix of damaged, yet protective, flawed but perfectly bent not broken.  Watching from a distance, never thinking he is good enough for the up close and personal.  Even when Faith thought she was alone, she wasn’t.  Obstacles that neither can change nor ignore, paramount in their beliefs, seem to high too climb.  What they don’t realize is that at the end of the day they are each other’s lifelines.  One sound, one look…they were both claimed.
I knew after reading and loving the first two books in this series that I was waiting for Cade.  The silent, yet completely affected tough guy, solid in his beliefs and thought to be completely broken and not good enough for love.  Beanie in place, a class to teach, a vision of Red and all else fades away. 

“I think you believe that, but I think you’re wrong. You may be damaged, Cade, but not broken.”


He expels a regretful breath. “No, Red. Damaged means it can be fixed and put back together again, broken-it can’t, and that’s me baby.”

Being a part of watching a family be created…experiencing falling in love through the hardened eyes of Cade and the rest of the gang was amazing…Ms. Lynn did an amazing job with towing the line in heartache, complete and utter torturous scenes while balancing religion, war and the reality that can bring.  She did it all with class, emotion, and bringing both sides though completely different their own voice.  Ms. Lynn is an author that you should read, stalk and auto buy but keep in mind she’s ours!! 
Written by: unrulygirl

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