Reverence by Angelica Chase

Holy plot twist…just when I think my #teamaiden fangirling is at an all time high Ms. Chase spins her sneaky ass web and I’m completely intrigued by Devin. Enthralled in a way only this author can make you..second guessing all that you loved about book one, all that you thought you knew and BAM you find yourself wanting something (or someone else). I’ve never considered myself a fickle person, swayed easily from one bed to another, but something about Devin keeps me wanting to know more, wanting to cradle him in my bosom and make all the bad things go away.  My love for Aiden is still strong, lighting the path between the heart, loins and all the special pressure points along the way.
That is the brilliance of Ms. Chase and the perfectly done serial, just when you are settled in with your team chosen, foam finger and #teamaiden shirt printed she throws a wrench in the system and has you questioning your own alliances along the way.  I still hold a brighter torch for Aiden but at this point in the “game” I don’t know if I will be disappointed in either pick..let’s just hope she doesn’t kill one off. Share the wealth and write in a new character, we can call her Dawn and she takes the sloppy seconds happily!
Can’t wait for more…great series a MUST read in my opinion! 
Written by: unrulygirl

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