Ridge by Adriane Leigh

Ridge..Ridge..Ridge.. I don’t know that I have ever wanted to slap a man through my Kindle as much as Ridge Wild? I wanted to shake him and scream, “GO GET YOUR WOMAN!” and stop stalling..but Ms. Leigh was kind of enough to have the stalling include lots of hot steamy sex..so I just continued reading!

The story actually starts mid-pound and again I tip my hat in thanks for that..never too early for penetration, that’s my motto! After the before mentioned pounding, Ridge makes a decision that will alter his near future and Mia’s..and not for good!

Bad decision made for what he thought was the right reason, had a snowball like effect for all the bad decisions that were headed his way:  Drinking, smoking, working out, fucking, and barely existing in the real world.  Choices that inevitably led him down a path that again made me want to kick him in the junk and slap him back to reality..women that shouldn’t have been there, situations that should not have happened..and guilt that needed to be released!

When forgiveness is found..bonds are remembered and love finally conquers all the demons that have plagued Ridge are quieted and the happy ever after I was praying for is realized..and did I mention lots of hot, dominating sex?



Written by: unrulygirl

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