RoomHate by Penelope Ward

I devoured this book. I opened and closed it in one sitting. I felt like I had ran a marathon with all the emotions I went through in this story. The friendship, hate, love, new beginnings, endings, what ifs, and even more that I can’t define took place in my heart. I wanted something so badly that I just continued reading…praying and hoping that these two best friends could find their way through the fog of “hate” back to the love they both had for each other from the first one-eyed glance.

This book embodies the saying “thin line between love and hate” if you have enough energy to hate you care enough to have or still do love.. No matter what the world threw at these two at the end of the day their friendship endured and they held their battered hearts in each others hands. Every time I would think “ok it’s their time” fate would throw something out there to change the course.

Destined to be…the emotions..gah! Ms. Ward can pull your emotional strings like a marionette, she is amazingly skilled in evoking feelings you didn’t even know existed within the pages of her books. She is a word ninja, and because of that if a book is penned by her I will always beg for opportunity to read it. Always. You will fall in love with Justin…wanna strangle him…swoon and feel like you are right in the middle of every awkward or amazing moment they share.

Written by: unrulygirl

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