Rush by Stevie J. Cole

There are some things that are just known…like rituals of life that take place…no rhyme or reason you can take them for granted and just go through the motions…those things. Like the fact that Stevie J. Cole can write…not just write but connect you to douchebags that you wonder how you fell in love with…at the end you are swooning and cheering on drug addicted, womanizing ass munches because…well because she intertwines them into your heart and you just accept it none the wiser.
That is what happened not only with Jag but with Rush…my personal favorite. You meet him winding down from a romp, but this romp is different…this one he likes, wants more with, but she is the one girl that just can’t be that simple. Watching these two not only grow and mature, but being able to see past the façade of fame and look straight into the heart of a man, through the love of a good woman. I loved it…from the crazy ass backstage antics to the stolen looks, the meant to be’s were just waiting for the right time to just be.

Reality looks different on stage in front of thousands and is really a far cry when you move backstage. But when you see who you want to be staring back at you…the lifestyle that once held so much seems hollow, following this journey of growth was amazing…and really who doesn’t love a self absorbed rock-star? Love em’
Written by: unrulygirl

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