Ruthless King by Meghan March

“Property of Lachlan Mount”

Having been introduced to Mount already I was SO ready to see what kind of beautiful destruction he could bestow upon me as a reader. His quiet, strong, intimidating stance illuminated from the shadows. Being present but not easily found. Feared but revered. His reputation preceded him and had me willing and waiting for the pounce. And pounce he did.

Keira is a strong, independent, no holds barred business owner that packs a punch. But every strong woman has an Achilles heel in their life, someone that uses their strength against them and they shine a little less brightly in their presence. Her late husband was that person in her life. After he died, his unsavory behaviors started to really come to life. How he behaved reflected on her and she ends up paying the ultimate price for his douchiness. Enter Lachlan Mount.

“No ones property” is Keira’s mantra. “Mine” is Mounts. Which brings tension. Sexual back and forth. And a man that may have met his match in every way. Meghan March did an incredible job of introducing us to the dark underworld of New Orleans. Intriguing, hot AF, and palpable hate to love that you want to see implode first hand. Great start to this trilogy. So excited to read more.

Written by: unrulygirl

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