Ryder by Prescott Lane



I totally enjoyed this story. I love a good meet cute, CHECK. Love a broken musician, who doesn’t believe in love, CHECK. And I adore a WTF I am pregnant (lived it 4X lol) moment, CHECK. Kailey and Ryder were IT from the first food truck they ventured to and found a way back to each other. Kailey was great for me until one little part, she frustrated me a little beyond my reader frustration meter usually goes, but she redeems herself so all was good. I am always rooting for the broken bad boy that has a past that has defined him. The kind that can be shown the way with the love and adoration of “the one” and Ryder was amazing in this role. I found his broodiness rather hot actually. And Kailey’s love for him was the connection that I needed to find my way quickly through this story. I totally enjoyed the journey. And can’t wait to read more from this author. My second book of hers and they both spoke to me…win win. xo 

Written by: unrulygirl

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