Sail by M. Mabie

Bait was one of the most frustrating, intriguing, wanna throw my kindle and punch anyone within a mile radius stories I have read in a LONG time…I loved it, hated Blake, loved Casey, hated the “other guy” (doesn’t even require remembering his name) and wanted much more, but what I got was THE END…until Sail.

Dropping whatever I had been doing, reading, cooking and dove into the story immediately…starting where we had been left out to dry (insert smiley face). Everything is pretty much out in the open and an affair is not an option anymore..all or nothing.

Having always loved Casey this story continued my love affair with the lovable man-child…not always having fond thoughts towards Blake shifted in this story, reasons for continuing the way she was living, not feeling like Casey was all the way in, a life she thought she was supposed to live hung in the balance. And the other guy? Yeah I was right all along about that toolbag,,,just sayin’!

I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was missing for me in this story…and then it hit me, a type of retribution..not a violent one, but a way for Blake to feel the way she made everyone else feel for such a long time, in limbo. Her complete selfishness was her downfall for me and even though Casey’s happiness hung on Blake, at times it just pissed me off that it all went her way (except for that lil part..but no spoilers here).

All in all..Casey is happy so I am happy. Blake matured and became someone worthy of my Casey, so again happy happy happy.

Written by: unrulygirl

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