Savage Prince by Meghan March

So…I’ve decided when Ms. March writes at night, I DEVOUR the outcome. The darker side of New Orleans is my new crack y’all. I’m not one to lean towards how this book started…but I couldn’t stop reading. Could not put this book down. I sped read and then went back and re-read, just in case I missed a simple word. I was all in. 

Mystery. Dark. Strangers. And some catching up with past characters that I have loved before. I can’t wait to read what’s coming next. I feel like standing in Ms. March’s window, awkwardly staring at her, until she relents and just let’s me read the next stories NOW. Weird? Yep. But whatever works at this point. lol I am seriously addicted to the dark side of New Orleans. Can’t wait to see what else awaits for us…within the darkness I completely connected with the shadows. Completely addicted. You nailed it Ms. March!


Written by: unrulygirl

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