Saxon by Chantal Fernando

There are a limited amount of authors that I can honestly say that I will read ANYTHING that they write.  Ms. Chantal Fernando is amongst the few that hold this title.  It never ceases to amaze me how she can write a story that captures my attention, and my mind so quickly.  Within the first pages of her books I am in love.  The strength of her females, and the solid manliness of her male leads are always in place, no matter their profession or lives.

Saxon is a man-whore…love that! But he has his eyes, heart and soul set on one girl, and he is willing to play the game in order to win her over.  Tee is not easily sold, although she feels the pull of the hot ass rock-star, there is too much baggage for her to even think about going there.  Until she realizes this may be her “the one”.  What do you do when the one you should be with, is the same one you shouldn’t be anywhere near?  Life happens, things aren’t always what they seem and at the end of the day these two have to remember why they fell in the first place. 

Enter strong banter, sassy encounters and a sexual tension that explodes all around igniting my kindle from within!  Ms. Fernando NEVER lets me down and I always recommend any of her books

Written by: unrulygirl

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