Scandalous by L.J. Shen

“He is thirty-three.
I am eighteen.”
These words can sometime deter me from connecting with not only the characters but their overall relationship. This book blew that theory right out of the GD water. Edie is everything I love in a female. Resilient, compassionate, loyal, real, strong and has more love in her than she even knows what to do with. She finds the broken in people and fights to be the reason they want to be whole again. Loving them despite of it and because of it. Her fight and determination to make a bleak situation shine had me cheering her on. Her love was impenetrable. So her being 18 quickly fell to the wayside, she had seen more injustice in those years than most see in a lifetime.
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Now on to Trent, “The Mute”, the single dad, the fighter, the poor kid, of a different race, so many different “tags” to attach to one man. One that isn’t mentioned is friend, fighter, and overall amazing man that has all this love to give and isn’t sure how what to do with it. Wanting for his daughter, but completely clueless on how to make it all happen. He is willing to do anything for happiness. Maybe even his own.

I have loved every single book LJ Shen has written. She has a powerful way with words. Making you love to hate and hate to love, taking you outside of a comfort zone that you thought was a great place to stay. She evokes every emotion in this story. You seethe with hatred for injustices and people, you cheer with happiness when a simple smile is directed at the right person at the right time, she made age seem impervious, and she did it all with words. This book slays. It repairs. It’s amazing. 

Written by: unrulygirl

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