Scoring Wilder by R.S. Grey

Sexual tension anyone? Yes…please!  R.S. Grey writes it better than most.  She can coil you so tight with want and expectation that you are left swooning, panting and begging for more… with just a look or kiss!  And don’t even get me started for when the real heavy petting and action start…check please!
Scoring Wilder was a fun, flirty read that hooked me from the very beginning.  Wanting to be friends with Becca & Kinsley (or be her), envisioning kicking the mean girl’s asses and wanting to dry hump Liam from his first appearance to his last.  Kinsley had a strength and determination that made her age not reflect negatively in the story for me, in fact the maturity she exuded in so many situations made me love her even more.  Young, hot pro athletes at the height of their careers and body images…I’m squeezing my thighs just thinking about it!
The friendships, banter and connections that are found and formed through-out the story, keep you captivated and if you’re anything like me…sneak reading at work to continue with the feeling!  Another goal scored (couldn’t resist) for R.S. Grey and a big time thank you to her for allowing us the opportunity to read this gem early.
If you enjoy NA, quick wit and hot lickable leads…this book is for you! 
Written by: unrulygirl

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