Singe by Aly Martinez

You are always guaranteed a great story, with amazing writing and characters that speak to your soul when you read Aly Martinez, this book fits that description. From the prologue to the epilogue, you want more for these two broken souls. You want the fire that has brought them together to burn in more ways than one. Redemption, guilt and hero worship that is deserved and not.

Appearances are not always what they seem…and while some things are known, others are suspected and some just seem; This book will test all these theories. I loved getting to know these two..I struggled a bit with getting to know the what and why of Rhion. Once you get more of a handle on all of these things that make up her strange existence the connection strengthened for me. 

Jude on the other hand was easier for me to fall in love with..he loves with everything he has. Nightmares plague him, his guilt weighs him down, yet he is loyal, demanding, but he can’t let go of feeling that he is the reason his Butterfly suffered has changed him as a man. His need to heal and protect at all costs is smoking hot..Out of the darkness emerges light while emotions burn, love ignites and images go down in flames. Can’t wait for more. 


Written by: unrulygirl

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