Southern Storms by Brittainy C. Cherry

Tears. I had tears streaming down my face at 4am while I finished reading this GEM of a story. Don’t let the tears scare you away, they came from the depths of my heart. They were born from the beauty of first love, forgiveness and the beauty of the life you can have. I love when a woman finds her strength in the eyes of someone that completely loves them for who they are to the core. When they have found themselves settling, and life hits them with something that has them forging their own way through and awakening the person they were always meant to be. No one delivers this beautiful journey more eloquently than Ms. Cherry. She has a ways of embracing a characters strengths and flaws as one and making their soul speak to you from the pages of the story. You FEEL the story all the way through you. You WANT for these fictional characters as if you are within them. You BELIEVE it with your whole heart and soul. These stories are not just something you open, read and soon forget. They are now woven within you as if the experiences were yours as well. Not every author can deliver this within the pages, but Ms. Cherry ALWAYS does.

This story is completely needed in this craziness we have been thrust into. To remind you of the beauty of love, loyalty, and soul wrenching experiences that build and strengthen who we are, who we want to be. This was more than a love story. It is a life found tale, and I LOVED every word of it. Readers! If you read with more than your eyes, if you embrace the fact that your heart and soul will be forever changed, read this book. It will not let you down. xo 

Written by: unrulygirl

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