Stepbrother Dearest by Penelope Ward

I want to give this book 10 Stars…I loved it SO much.  Love doesn’t even seem like a strong enough term to properly cover the way it took over my day.  Once I started I couldn’t stop…it had every element that I adore and more. Angst, an asshole that just needs the right person to see them, a simple yet completely true girl and add a sexual tension that can be felt right through the pages, and you get one of my favorite reads of the year so far!

Elec and Greta were fierce in their emotions, in what they thought was right and where their hearts belonged.  Those beliefs did not always lead them the way I wanted them to go, but they always knew that what they shared was different, was real and wasn’t easy.  My heart broke, fluttered and swooned many times through out reading their story…as did both of theirs many…many times!

You feel every emotion that is penned as if you are living it, only to realize that you are so wrapped up in something fictional; it all seemed too real, too raw and too much to not fall head over heels.  The want, need and complete devotion shown not only through Greta’s eyes but finally through Elec’s can’t be ignored, I believe it can crack the hardest of reading hearts! 

I can’t stop thinking about these two and re-reading the parts that made me smile,  mad and all out crazy.  I recommend this book to anyone that loves a great love story that spans time, hearts, friendship and the knowledge that sometimes your someone is in the last place you thought you would find them. 

Written by: unrulygirl

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