Strong by Kylie Scott

I am not usually one that gravitates to novellas. They tend to leave me wanting more, or simply don’t leave me sated…but when I saw this one, I SIGNED THE FUCK UP! I loved LICK like it was my job…I’ve read and loved the whole series but David and Ev…they were my favs. SO when I saw Martha was going to have her own story I was not only surprised but in full anticipation mode. I love it when an author takes a nemesis from another story and makes them everything in their own story. I loved watching her come into her own and finding love with the strapping man that has played in a role in every story. Because you knew the players and were already comfortable and connected this novella worked and I LOVED IT. I was so appreciative of this glimpse I quickly jumped into a re-read of Lick and all the other players. Thank you Ms. Scott for reminding me how much I love and missed the Stage Dive crew.

Written by: unrulygirl

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