Take Me Back by Meghan March

Take Me Back starts with a story that I love to read…the married couple that has drifted and has a come to Jesus moment within their marriage and they have to really assess where they are and where they want to go. I think it is because I have been with the same guy for 22 years and I always wonder what would happen, worst case scenarios and all. But the love, desire, friendship, and strength in a relationship is always tested within the borders of a marriage and delving into that is always a story I want to read. This one doesn’t disappoint on that front…but there’s more.

Dane and Kat have been living with each other for two years as a married couple and have yet to be completely honest with each other, so a trip to Belize is what Dane thinks will cure this ailment. A beautiful backdrop for a story of love, honesty, and what makes us who we are. It’s like having your own tour guide through the crystal blue waters of paradise with a beautiful woman, tattooed hot bad ass and twists and turns that will keep you glued to your kindle.

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Written by: unrulygirl

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