The Dance by Alison G. Bailey

Holy wow. This book had it all. First love. Soul connecting insta-attraction, friendship, hardship, bad guy, good guy, strength, ego, and bad choices. When the end of the day comes around you can only lead with your heart and this story displays that so beautifully. I devoured this story. Connected so quickly and wanted so hard for almost everyone involved.

 Challenging storylines that take your “what if” meter to another level. Alison Bailey is so brilliant at pulling a storyline along, connecting you and then busting a hard turn into a realm you NEVER expected. Trusting your gut, following your heart and finding a happily ever after via tough, fractured hearts was just the beginning of this heart-pounding story. I was invested, deeply. I wanted for two people that shared one moment, many years before to find their forever.


Written by: unrulygirl

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