The Failing Hours by Sara Ney (How To Date A Douchebag 2)

You know that feeling when you are reading a book and every single check box you have as a reader is checked? Broken bad boy? CHECK. Said bad boy starts showing his heart? CHECK. Strong, yet quirky and kind female? CHECK. Heart? CHECK. Smoking hot chemistry? CHECK. The butterflies of first love found within the walls of the library in Iowa…AGAIN. I loved the first D-bag Oz but I FLOVED Zeke. The asshole outer shell just held in the ooey gooey caring man inside.

“Intimidating. Cold. Callous. Complicated. The moodiest, broodiest, douchebaggiest guy I have ever met.”

“He swears too much. He isn’t nice. He isn’t sweet. He isn’t kind. Or generous with words. Or affection.”


Violet was the perfect girl to break through all of Zeke’s b.s.. She loved beyond what she has been shown. She decided to turn her past into something positive, while Zeke on the other had used it as a defense mechanism to keep everyone an arms distance away. He showed his caring in underhanded ways that still made it seem like he was being a jerk. Every bad boy, jerk comment he made had me falling harder for this guy who didn’t realize he was falling just as hard for a light blonde ray of sunshine.

“Even her name sounds like fucking sunshine and shit.”

I can’t recommend this series enough. The humor, friendships, d-bag ways of all of these guys will keep you smiling..swooning and falling in love right along with them.

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Written by: unrulygirl

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