The Guy on the Left by Kate Stewart

Okay reader friends or the 4 people that might stroll across these words LOL. TROY IS MINE!!!! I have seen lots of DIBS and “he’s mine” blah blah blah. 

But NO it’s just not true because he’s MINE and he’s loyal so he can’t be yours. LOL Who knew stalking could be such a turn on? OMG Seriously I have read and loved every Kate Stewart book she has released SINCE THE BEGINNING (see another reason HE’S MINE *snickers*) and while I fall in love with all of her characters this little happy go lucky family of beautiful misfits is my absolute favorite. I loved every thought, every scene, all the moments that were had within the pages of my kindle. Kate nailed Troy and all of his love, quirks, loyalty and beautiful qualities that you have to read to fully enjoy. So seriously READ THIS BOOK. It’s addicting, special and I’ll say it again because it bears (bares?? not sure) repeating TROY IS MINE. Thank you and carry on….

Written by: unrulygirl

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