The Infamous Ellen James by N.A. Alcorn

I am not one to recommend a book…I am always a little worried they may not like it and a LOT worried that if they don’t I just can’t be friends with them anymore…this book, this book right here makes me want to scream from the roof-tops “read this fucking book” and if you don’t like it…lose my number cuz we can’t be friends!

I loved everything about this story…the humor, the friendship, the heart-ache and the doctor! Humor is my Achilles heal, my list of who I would leave my hubs for (if given a chance) reads like a comedy scene..Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, Ryan Reynolds, Justin Timberlake and Channing (last two also for dance moves) so the comedy, one-liners and sarcastic wit in this book had me spit diet coke, choke on a bagel and laugh so loudly I scared the shit out of my 8 year old…there should be a fucking warning label!  WAIT..there is a warning..” Warning: This novel contains explicit sex, profanity and far too much vaginal humor. This novel is not meant for anti-fornicators, up-tight prudes, or virgins who refuse to go to Pound Town” Fucking LOVE IT..back to regularly scheduled review..

If being honest parts of this book could have come straight from conversations I have had with Tara, so the narcissistic personality in me was straight swooning! WV 2014!! 

Between the harlem shake scene, the initial slide-show picture meet and the masturbating blocking was also heart, soul, love, bonds and friendships that stand the test of time and tequila!  If you have a sense of humor, dabble or master in sarcasm, and like to end your day with a Happy Ending you will love this book…it stands proudly on my favorites shelf and I CAN’T wait to read about Amy, have a feeling I may even love her more! 

Written by: unrulygirl

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