The Kiss Thief by L.J. Shen


I love it when the alpha asshole finds his Achilles heel…when he allows softness and vulnerability to seep into the hard exterior. My heart literally squeezed in pain, joy, every emotion under the sun and Ms. Shen never let it go, instead held it in a vice grip with Wolfe…the tension is PALPABLE oozing off every page, with each single exchange of guarded banter. I can’t explain the FEELINGS that are being magnified with every word. You will be epically let down, crushed, only to find your heart melting with affection just minutes later. You will cheer, boo, and absolutely lose yourself within the pages of this story. The fact that this hardened, bitter, assholeish man could see that this woman had a strength deep within that owned him and even when he thought it to be a weakness. Through the correct lens he could see it for what it was, strength, love and an undying need for her to protect those around her at every cost.

The subtleties and nuances of these characters and their need to protect, be loyal, fight and at the end of the day love; are so slight yet pack such a punch you literally feel your heart in your throat the entire story. The intricacy that Ms. Shen weaves in this nemesis versus villain tale is awe inspiring. Seriously. Y’all I can’t wait for you to read this story. I wish I could convey through this review the absolute love I have for the words I have just read. It has everything and more. LJ Shen has once again obliberated the bar to which her stories have been held to and blew every favorite I may have had before it AWAY. This is my by far my favorite of her books and I have read and loved them all. Until my next favorite Ms. Shen. Bravo.

Written by: unrulygirl

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