The Life That Mattered by Jewel E. Ann

                    ALL THE STARS IN THE UNIVERSE

OH. MY. GOD. Jewel E. Ann is a mutha fucking genius. How does she take a sentence and make it unforgettable, unputdownable? The stringing together of words to create a story, I read them all the time. But this is different. This MATTERS. A story that you are so invested in it weaves it’s way into your soul and you lose yourself among the pages. Life matters, my kids were probably thinking that when they wanted dinner and I was like “ssshhhh” mama is reading, “grab some cereal”. Bladders matter, but I ignored mine as I read into the early morning hours. Sleep matters, but I got none and I am completely okay with that. These words matter. You reading this story, that matters.

I have read nothing like it. Jewel E. Ann has a way of capturing you even in the mundane moments of a life told. A beautiful love story with something so much greater waiting in the wings…words I need more than my next my breath. Gathering the wits to try to write a somewhat put together review, and most likely failing. But if you are still reading this review, YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK! I am anxiously awaiting the next one, but do not wait. Again, READ THIS NOW. 


Written by: unrulygirl

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