The Peer And The Puppet by B.B. Reid

Wow. Gotta say it started with intrigue from the blurb and now I’m addicted to the story and where it’s all heading…this one had all the elements I love in a elite high school scene. The haves and the have nots combining to be all that and more. Addicting, suspenseful, well written and keeps you wanting MORE. The “it” boy with the “new” girl that has never had much…love, attention, a fighter…catches the eye of HIM. The Peer is completely captured by the The Puppet. Let the games begin. All the players add to the drama, the uncertainty of who is whom and where the danger will be found or can lead you. At every turn there is another turn…all while keeping you completely connected to the story unfolding and the relationships developing. The love/hate that jumps off of the pages, the push and pull, want but can’t have back and forth. I LOVE IT!! My favorite kind of high school story. If you like books such as The Paper Princess, Tijan’s Fallen Crest Series, I feel like you will completely be taken in with this series. I am SO ready for the next one. LIKE RIGHT NOW!! 

Written by: unrulygirl

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