The Real by Kate Stewart

Let me introduce myself…my name is Dawn. I have four kids, have been with my hubs for 23 years, my hobbies include music, Golden State Warriors basketball and READING. I am obsessive with my words. Giving many authors a chance to be an auto read but only a few make the cut. KATE STEWART helped set this bar. This story is one of the many reasons why…

The Real is a character driven love story. What do I mean by that? You fall in love with their love story as they do, slow and steady. With lots of dialog, and while they are falling you as the reader are too. One of my favorite things about Ms. Stewart’s stories is the detail…not so much that you know what brand lotion they are rubbing on themselves, just the right amount of the ins and outs that you feel what they feel. You are immersed in the story simply due to the atmosphere that is set. Whether with music, dialog, setting a scene or just simply being in the moment. It seems simple. But we all know as a reader not all the stories are set that way.

I loved falling hard for both Cameron and Abbie. Taking it slow, waiting to get too deep, but life doesn’t always work that way as we all know…QUEUE ANGST!! Gah..I love reading. A heartfelt romance that made me swoon, laugh, and completely sucked me in to the point of actually yelling my opinion at my kindle. As always Kate…bravo!

Written by: unrulygirl

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