The Rich Boy by Kylie Scott

Insta-Love it isn’t just for fictional characters anymore, it’s for the reader’s that embark on it as well. Connections, hardships, money, power and tragedy and that is just the first few pages. How do these girls find these boys? I SO want a Beck for me, just don’t tell the hubs. Kylie Scott’s stories always have me finding the connection and the feels right away and this one was no different. Beck and Alice quickly found their way into my reader heart and had me cheering them on through ups, downs, louboutins and diamonds. Seriously WHERE IS MY BECK? I have thick thighs and a strong willed personality. WHERE IS MINE? I guess this is why I have so many book boyfriends and Beck found his way onto that list quickly and securely. Cute story about truth, lies, money, power, greed and the power that just love can bring to someone that needs more than even they realize. Loved it. xo


Written by: unrulygirl

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