The Spiral Down by Aly Martinez

I want to start this review with a plea…don’t let your boundaries, your “safe” reading thoughts, your “I don’t read m/m” views get in the way of reading this book. This book is more than just the anatomy of a person, it’s about perception, friendship, how we view ourselves and others, the labels that can define us but can’t even capture a glimpse of who we really are. This book is about LOVE.  This book NEEDS to be read. Now that I got that out of the way…I wanna talk about the boys and how smoking hot the TUG scenes were. Bow chick a bow wow…

Labels are a part of life that Evan wants nothing to do with. Having fought hard against them and what he should and shouldn’t be has molded the man he has turned into….but at what cost? He just ended things with his live in girlfriend…has a job…just hasn’t found his person yet. Trying to escape a past that burned him deeply.

Henry…adored by many…loved by his closest friends, also known as his family. Finding himself in situations that can guarantee no long term relationship will happen. He is existing…not seeing himself as the beautiful person he is…until Evan.

I loved these two together from their first encounter. They clicked…it worked…it made you want more. The tension….want….and angst of what could be was brought to life on the pages of my kindle in such a flawless way that at one point I dropped the book…attacked my hubs, when he asked “good book?” I calmly replied “yeeeess, now shut up and call me Evan” TRUE STORY.

Ms. Martinez has an amazing gift of transporting you from your real life into the lives of her characters. You cry with them, laugh with them and want so badly for them to drop the facade of what they think they need and fight for what they must have. LOVED THIS STORY! READ IT!

Written by: unrulygirl

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