The Summer Remains by Seth King

I had to digest this book, sit on the feelings that it evoked and dry my eyes before even considering writing a review. This is the kind of story that often scares me…afraid to take in the feelings that I know will follow, but everyone needs to read this book. It not only saddens, it inspires, it makes you want to live a life full of everything available. It reminds you to smile at the homeless man on the street, you don’t know their story, you don’t know what happened to them to be where they are. It is an awe inspiring, take in every moment and give it all you have kind of story.

Cooper is and will remain one of the top book boyfriends of all time…he was flawed, protective, loving, non-judgemental, broken and loved with all he had. He was the difference, the reason, he was worth the lame app, he was everything. Summer was quietly strong, devoted, fierce and didn’t ever give up. She took the time to make everyone around her feel better, more loved and stronger with a simple smile or an ear. She was afraid she didn’t matter, wasn’t leaving her mark. But she was wrong. Mark. Left.

Everything about this story was beautifully done…and captured not only your heart but your soul as well.

Written by: unrulygirl

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