The Wall Of Winnipeg And Me by Mariana Zapata

It’s funny when you read romance books people assume you read it for the sexy times..but I’m not that reader. As long as I am connected to the story, people and what will hopefully take place at some point, I don’t need it. This book has almost no sex, yet I had that feeling, you know the one you get when you read a really good love scene. A smirk, hug or kind gesture from this big guy, was more than any panty dropping that happens in some other books. His natural need to be honest, and not fill the air with unneeded words or promises made him so easy to fall for. You didn’t get anything that wasn’t earned from Aiden Graves, Vanessa would know, she spent two years working for him and didn’t even gain a “hello” each day. Until she left…

I fell hard for both of these characters, throw in Zac and I was lost to this story. It’s the kind of tale that you don’t even realize some parts of the relationship are missing because simple things make up for it, and mean SO much more. This is the first book I have read from this author and it won’t be the last. She has mastered the art of the slow burn..the anticipation of more to come kept me wanting more and reading quickly. I loved this one.

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Written by: unrulygirl

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