The Wrong Blaze by Meagan Brandy

Trust…it’s a deal-breaker of sorts, but knowing and trusting in an author to take a hard, back and forth story, and allow your fragile, just want to escape heart in the hands of someone else, is…well difficult. I found trust came in very handy as I read this one…at times I was so discouraged in the people surrounding me (fictional of course) that I wanted to scream, but the entire time I thought this will be part of the journey. I trust that the heart flutters, gasps and heart palpation’s were all a part of what made this SUCH an addicting, fast paced story that I literally could not read it fast enough.

Ms. Brandy has quickly cemented herself as a go-to author. Her males are strong willed a-holes with hearts of gold and her females are take no shit heroes for themselves. Can’t wait for more!

Written by: unrulygirl

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