This Is Love, Baby by K. Webster

Once again I have entered the depths of darkness, brought to life by a smiling lighthearted lovely woman that pulls heartstrings and emotions like she is a master puppeteer. K. Webster is back tapping into what is right, wrong, bad, evil, even questioning what and who is good with a force that has you contemplating everything you thought you knew. Who is safe, can you trust eyes you have looked into time and time again, are the words spoken from lips you thought you knew so well, real?

This story picks up where the last left off and that is about all I can give you on the story line. This story needs to be embarked on with no hints, cliff notes or spoilers. It is best to pull up your big girl panties and dive right in. At 18 this young girl has been through more than over half the american population will ever see in their lifetime, and yet she is strong, resilient, and completely heart broken. War had thought she was his light, but what he didn’t know was he was her light, strength and the only man in her life that she could trust with out any hesitation. Hearts traced on glass seem to disappear when the window dries, always remain, as does an unconventional love found in the trenches of darkness, stained into souls..

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This story will keep you guessing…not trusting that when everything settles it’s actually safe to uncover your eyes and let that sinking feeling in your gut rest. Never knowing where the story will drop out from under you, or turn in a way that you didn’t even see coming. A story that is all consuming, will make you forget you have a dinner to make, bills to pay, you are taken in by a young woman fighting to survive and a broken man that will walk through the fiery depths of his own demons to slay every dragon in his way, in order to rescue his Queen…Can’t have peace without a war.

Written by: unrulygirl

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