Tin Man’s Dance by M.K. Schiller (Falling Hard A New Adult Anthology)

This novella is part of an anthology, a short story amongst others..yet this one sticks out in a way that will have your only complaint being “can’t I have more?” I fell for this author hard when I read A Girl By Any Other Name, she rocked my world with that story. She had me hook. line. sinker. and because of that Ms. Schiller writes…Dawn reads. No blurbs needed, no what do we have here, just open and start.

The connection with these two character is fast, solid and has you wanting the best for both of them. Both have lived through tragedy, adversary with their heads held high, back straight and eyes toward the future. Not looking for a partner until you see your future dancing right before you and plans are made to make sure fate has a little push in the right direction.

Two people that love each other from the beginning and help each realize what home and dreams are really made of.

Written by: unrulygirl

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