Twisted by Emma Chase

Having loved the first installments in this series I was giddy with excitement to get an advanced copy of Twisted..did I say “giddy”? Anyways moving on..

I glanced over a couple of reviews who didn’t like it as much as Drew’s POV..I am not one of those readers.  I may have even liked this one more..Kate is funny, engaging and having put up with Drew for 2 years is even more endearing to me..I know everyone loves Drew but living day to day with a recovering man-whore, smart ass is a lot of work..especially in public!

This book had me twisted over in laughter, heartache, and did I mention I was screaming into my kindle “what the fuck!” more than once!  Miss-understandings and not getting a full story led to Ben & Jerry, and Captain Morgan moments. But what Drew did..OMFG..I wanted to strangle his neck and junk punch him HARD..

To me Kate is the back-bone and true heart of not only the story but what makes Drew the likable man he has become..I really enjoyed this book and if you are a fan of Tangled you will love the ending..the cherry on the to speak!

Written by: unrulygirl

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