Two Worlds Colliding by Jani Kay

After getting just a taste of Ryder with the first book, a prequel to this story, I was left with a want for more..what did this book do? Well it quenched it and then slapped me with it again..grr for waiting for book two!

These two couldn’t come from any different upbringings, but you can’t stop love and together they just make sense. In the most convoluted sexy of ways..with lots of hot and heavy sex, written the way only Jani can deliver..explosive and fucking smoldering..

A girl with a plan, the plan slightly derailed when her d-bag boyfriend is caught with his pants down, a big..bad ass biker pulls up and whisks her away to a whole new plan.. Something that looks so wrong, when combined just is right.. Her family knows tragedy,  especially her brother who can’t let go of losing his high school sweetheart, and first love.  Revenge boils, simmers and is directly aimed at MC clubs..namely anyone that looks, acts or behaves like Ryder.  Not the ideal situation for hearts to flutter..

Ryder has known dark, twisted emotions..not completely out of the realm of love. But his family is his MC club and his Max..but I digress..His club is his family and when his “brother” and president of the Scorpions forbids him to see Jade he is hit with emotions he didn’t know existed within his broken soul.  Knowing this is NOT an option for him he bides his time and works around the blurred lines of their families hatred towards each other..and did I mention that have hot, dominating, spank me hard sex? Check please..

In all honesty I would read Jani’s grocery list so it’s a gimme to read the next book and all books to follow..whilst I patiently wait for

Written by: unrulygirl

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