Uncivilized by Sawyer Bennett

There are very few authors that all I have to know is they wrote it and I read it…Sawyer Bennett is one of them.  So I went into this book without even reading the synopsis…and I was like.. “what?”

The first scene where you meet the hero…OMFG! Let’s just say jungle living is hard on the knees for the ladies…At that moment when eyes locked…and a connection was made whether they knew it or not.  This book is SO different then what I usually read…but eerily similar because of the incredible writing of this author..  Out side of the box and comfort zone we all unknowingly fall into.

If you are anything like me the beginning of this book may give you pause…but if you continue I whole heartily promise you will not be disappointed.  This is a man that fucks, that possesses and that fights for what is his…and that is always hot!  This book is one that stayed with me..I find myself thinking on it, weeks after I read it!  Yeah it’s got scenes that burn into the vagina people! BURN! 

Written by: unrulygirl

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