Under Her by Samantha Towle

I love a story with a male point of view, as a reader it seems like it may be a harder view to write from, but when done right it is so gooooodddd…and Wilder was done right. The perfect combination of stud to douche, you root for him to win and can’t help but laugh when he just misses the mark. A brilliant mix of laughter, man-whoreness and misinterpreted feelings that warms the heart and can lead to an outburst of lol-ing.

Wilder and Morgan have known each other since college. A number of unfortunate interactions have left Morgan questioning her college crush on Wilder. An over privileged jackass that likes to stick his sword in every female within 10 feet. Morgan came off like the nerd, I am too good for all this nonsense, stick up the ass and because of this these two were oil and water in school.

Fast forward. BAM. They now work together. Morgan is smoking hot, intelligent and much stronger than she was before. Wilder is a workaholic during his week and pretty much the same “college” boy on the weekend. Until he just can’t be.

I loved the back and forth with these two. The hot water Wilder was always in from his life as a manwhore. Will these two eventually figure out what went wrong all those years ago or will past mistakes find there way into their futures? Very entertaining. Another winner from Ms. Towle.

Written by: unrulygirl

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