Until Lilly by Aurora Rose Reynolds

What’s that sound?  The sound of a screeching halt..the book that was just started being closed and Until Lilly landing in my Kindle and being treasured.  There are authors that will do that to you..make everything else come to a stand-still and their books take precedence over all others..Aurora Rose Reynolds is one of them..

The only caveat to that is when I am done devouring the sweet, possessive, hot alpha words of my latest Mayson conquest, I am thrown into yet another book funk..Until my next Until..

Cash did not disappoint, he was different than other Mayson men I have read, but perfect none the less.  His and Lilly’s BOOM was postponed, by a crazy train named Jules..but when it happens not even miles or years can stop the inevitable.    It seemed his demanding ways were softened by his past mistakes..Misunderstandings and mistakes made, these two fought through it all to find their happy ever after.. 

Sacrifices were made to make sure his son was taken care of..little did he know that the “happy poking condom destroyer” had created another life that needed Cash too.. A family built, a boom realized and “the one” being what he knew her to always be..HIS! 

I love this authors writing, her simple way of making you realize the love felt through the pages.  A character that stays with you and actually pulls at your heart strings, simply beautiful..Until my next love Nico graces us..BOOOOOMMMM

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