Until Nico by Aurora Rose Reynolds

I knew…I knew it like a Mayson man knows his BOOM…what did I know?  That Nico was going to be SPECTACULAR and he was going to tattoo himself right onto my heart with a big, solid, manly man BOOOOOMMMM!

When you have a man tell his buddy he is seeing someone…before even knowing that “someone’s” name, you have an alpha of outstanding magnitude.  There are authors that can just simply write an alpha without blinking an eye, and more importantly without making him douchey, and Ms. Aurora Reynolds is an absolute fucking pro at it!

Nico was everything you can want in a man, as all MY Mayson men are.  And so here I patiently wait for a Mayson man of my very own…even if he has to exist on my Kindle, I wait…

This love story is beautifully told, and has you glued to the pages that lie ahead in complete anticipation of what may happen next…as I always do I love this book, my Mayson men never disappoint and I am hoping for the Mayson babies to get their day in the sun, of course after turning 18-21…because I need more!

BOOM…and that’s all folks…who needs anymore than that?

Written by: unrulygirl

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