Until November by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Until November (Until, #1)Until November by Aurora Rose Reynolds
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I abso*fucking*lutely love when a book comes to me at the exact right moment..this book landed in my lap like an angel dropping from heaven..Cue lights and harp music, now!

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I was in a book slump. Nothing was singing to me and I just wasn’t rushing home to crack my Kindle open. Until I met one Asher..and was lost in the fog..

“Oh my God, seriously? Asher. Why did this guy have to have a hot guy name? Why couldn’t his name be Urkel or Poindexter. I mean really, something’s just were not fair.”

Not just the name was hot, the attitude, body and let’s not forget about the brothers.. I know I am not because I see follow up hot guy stories!

“November, these are my brothers. Trevor, Nico and Cash>”

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Welcome to the hot guy motherload! All equipped with hot guy names and ready for their close-ups!

The story begins with November moving from New York to live with her dad after a brutal attack has taken place. Saving her was none other than Beast a Great Dane that was at the right place at the right time. Beast grabbed my heart too, you know a book is good when you actually care about their pets too.

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November has been raised by one of the worst mothers in the history of all book mothers. She wasn’t made to feel worthy or to give trust unconditionally. Always in a position to defend herself and worth at the drop of a hat. She is still caring and willing to put her heart on the line. I loved watching November become part of a loving family and bond with her dad. She reaches out to others that she sees herself in and with that finds true friendships.

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“What did I tell you, son?” he says, looking at Asher. “When it happens-BOOM!”

Asher has always been a “no need to know your name, you aren’t sticking around” type of guy. His parents had always warned him he held the curse and when “The One” entered his life, he would know without a shadow of a doubt. He is alpha in every sense of Tara’s definition and isn’t afraid to show it..ever!

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“But if any motherfucker touches you, I will not be happy>”

I think their first meeting is one of my favs in a book. A miscommunication leads to a very unhappy Asher, who isn’t concerned with the who, what or why. Just the YOU ARE MINE and you don’t know it yet.. It wasn’t insta-love but it was a connection that could not be ignored and for that I say thank the alpha Gods!

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I am an epilogue loving girl and this one delivered full force for me.. I love to see in the future of a couple that I have fallen head over heels for. This one is up high on my all time favorites!

I cannot wait for the next book and to dive deeper into Trevor’s story.

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