Until You (Fall Away 1.5) By Penelope Douglas

I read Bully the book one in the Fall Away series this last summer.  It was a freebie that I grabbed without much thought.  Saw it was free..one clicked like the addict I am.  Then I started to hear a buzz on GR about it..not being one that can sit idly by whilst everyone else is buzzing, I cracked open my free book.  Well, three hours later I was finished..and I LOVED IT..
This was the first book boy that I hated, like deep down hatred filled me and even though I knew there was more to his story than met the eye.  Knowing that Jared was broken and had suffered wasn’t enough at that point..  I just kept reading knowing that Tate was going to find the reason and their love/hate relationship would turn to love only..  Going from complete despise to head over heels in love in about a chapter left me not only tormented but wanting..no needing more of this story.
Then came news of a companion novel in Jared’s POV..  Yippee Ki A Mutha Fucker..I may have actually screamed that.  And this book delivered.  I would say I enjoyed it even more than the first, but I still feel reading Bully first is the right move.  Being in Jared’s thoughts was mesmerizing and made me feel every emotion he did without pity, just love and respect for his strength.

Both Tate and Jared had to live with the after effects that Jared’s fear, otherwise known as bullying did to not only Tate but their relationship.  Trust is a hard earned trait and one that Jared works everyday for through his actions and words to erase the previous ones.  I recommend this series to anyone that likes a good book..  The characters are young, but having both lived through loss and heartache, they come across mature and not annoying..

Written by: unrulygirl

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