Vicious by L.J. Shen

I don’t know how to put into words how much I loved this book. Having loved her books prior, I knew I was in for a great story..but Vicious took it to another level for me. The angst, hate, love relationship these two had from the very beginning was addicting. The passion was palpable from the first time they laid eyes on each other. All of that combined had me tearing through the pages, not being able to “adult” for the hours it took until the unfortunate words “the end” and my kindle would swipe no further..

Both Vicious and Emilia were doomed from the beginning, hating that they love, and loving who they hate. Makes for a great match up. Emilia being the underdog from day one, the Help, yet people couldn’t help but fall in love with her light. Being different from everyone else, set her apart and made her desirable to more than just Vicious. way. Enter angst and asshole maneuvers. Why does this make me hot bothered? Who knows. But it does. And L.J. Shen has mastered writing the most desirable “assholes”..cornered the market I tell ya.

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Vicious knew love once, it was brutally taken from him and his life mission was to pay back everyone that held a hand in a boy being wronged. The causalities that pave the road to retaliation might overshadow the ones waiting him to find his way to redemption. A love story that will make you angry, swoon, throw your damn kindle again but all the while wishing that this broken man can find the love that even he deserves. A flawlessly told love story that reminds us that the line between love and hate is almost non-existent.

Now bring on the next HotHole..I’m ready!

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