Wait For It by Mariana Zapata

When I heard the phrase “slow burn” I though hmmmmm that sounds interesting…when I read a book that defines “slow burn” I was ADDICTED. This book is so much more than slam bam thank you ma’am. It builds..look by look…interactions…arguments…friendship…family…GAH. When a simple statement can turn your insides to mush, it defines the “slow burn” read. And I LOVE IT!

I read The Wall Of Winnipeg and Me by Ms. Zapata and totally fell in love with her writing style, I mentioned in that one that the lack of sex was more than made up by the full intimacy of every single moment these two shared. And Dallas and Di were exactly the same for me..little did I know that this was Van’s bestie?? WTF? DUH..forehead slap!

Family, loyalty, friendship, connections that are so more than an ass grab or clit lick…even though it does go there, and when it does it’s FIREWORKS my friends. These two build on everyday experiences and you forget how GD long the book is because you don’t want it to ever end. **Reviewer rant..at 662 pages I should get credit for 2 books on my GR challenge even though every word is tattooed on my heart**

If you are a reader that needs the WHAM BAM P to the V right from the get go..maybe this isn’t your book but if you love heart, emotion, humor and real life struggles and victories than I implore you to read this series. Start with The Wall and continue to Wait..you won’t be disappointed.

Amazon US Link The Wall Of Winnipeg —>http://amzn.to/2jmLYJT
Amazon US Link Wait For It —-> http://amzn.to/2jYUgIW

Written by: unrulygirl

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