We Are Us by Tara Leigh

OMG WHAT WAS I FN THINKING?!?!?! I have had this on my kindle for FAR TOO LONG! I am so pissed at myself. For some reason I was scared to start this book. For that I can honestly say I AM A FRICKIN IDIOT!! This book is EVERYTHING! I loved every word. Every misstep taken. Every wrong turn in the journey that led to the perfect meadow. 

“But our past is an engine, not an anchor. It’s what will drive us forward, not what holds us back.”

Tara Leigh owned this one. Mystery. Intrigue. Love. Hate. Betrayal. Right. Wrong. Lies. Deceit. Truths. Heart. Death. Life. EVERY SINGLE FEEL THERE IS. If you can feel it, it was present. I could not tear myself away from my kindle. My heart broke. Healed. Broke again. Grew. I smiled. I screamed. I lived vicariously through these characters and wanted for them to hear me as I gave them direction from the comfort of my living room. Good job girl. You took me in, owned me, spit me out and then soothed me back to relaxed. I loved every single second of it. I can not recommend this one enough. Easy? NO. Beautiful and gripping? YES. From a hidden first love that can live forever. 

“I am hers and she is mine and we are us.”

To an experience no one should ever have to live through but so many of us have…told through a lens of familiarity that haunts and makes it that much more relatable. Choices made, alliances formed, all while a love still exists. Tara Leigh completely delivered with a perfect mix of first love, love settled, evil arises tale that keeps you guessing and hoping all in one sweep. The emotional battlefield set, who will win? You, if you decide to read it! xo

Written by: unrulygirl

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