What He Always Knew by Kandi Steiner

This review is hard to write..challenging to put into words how a book tore your soul out, but still brought a teary eyed smile to my face. Difficult to not give anything away but still form the correct words to show the absolute love/terror this book brought forth.

I read romance. I love my happily ever after, but what happens when you don’t know what you want? You can’t decide whose heart the happily ever after resides in. What you do is trust in the author to bring you what you didn’t even know you needed. To take what you may have thought at one time and flip it on it’s ass. Or what you felt was going to happen and carefully articulatily steer you towards or farther away. I just don’t know…I was lost in a feeling of what I wanted, needed, had to have to make my heart happy. But after all was said and done, I think it was achieved. I believe the outcome fit the life created within the pages. With this feeling though, I still dwell on it..I still wonder what if? Even though my heart settled into the path found. Because my heart was so willingly dragged through an emotional, angsty, heartbreaking and painfully beautiful loss, it also had all those feelings with a complete gain as well. Confusing? YES. Sated? COMPLETELY.

A hard won game played. A life found. A favorite story resides. Ms. Steiner went above and beyond with this beautiful tale of love and loss. Of not only first love, lasting love, but finding the ultimate of loving yourself more.

Written by: unrulygirl

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