When I Fall by J. Daniels

This series is like reuniting with old friends, it’s comfortable, easy to settle into and you know you are going to be entertained. No fuss, connecting right away as if no time has passed. I love it!

Reed is a background character in everyone’s stories, the lovable manwhore that will not let his dick get attached to anyone. Until a night at McGill’s when the master becomes the student. Reed is taken by Beth right away, not unusual but when the past knocks him on his ass, his future is there to dust him off and put him straight.

Beth finds her confidence, her self, and a family all in one car trip. Having believed she was unlovable, unwanted and not enough for so long, actually belonging to something has her feeling connected in a way that is almost too much. Watching both Reed and Beth find their way, letting go of insecurities that have held them both back from living the lives they both deserve was incredible.

Can’t wait for more from this author, I am never disappointed!

Written by: unrulygirl

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