Wherever You Will Go by Stephanie Smith

4 Debut Author Shining Stars
Guilty…I am guilty of loving my angsty novels.  The feeling you get when you don’t know if your heart is going to burst out of your chest, tears are queued, and butterflies take over your entire being…yep love it!  This book had all of that! Tears pooled in my eyes more than once, anticipation burned, the heartbreak of losing your partner, having to live a life completely different than you had once envisioned.

But fear not…enter Saxon!  He was protective, fierce, loyal, and had loved her from a-far from a first glance.  Sometimes our paths may lead us to where we were always supposed to be? 

“I’m not even whole enough to give her. I know though, without any doubt, if she’d take me I’d give her all I have.” ~Saxon

Brooke was broken, living in a hell of her surroundings, not able to take the next step towards healing, until a visit from the only other person that knew her pain as his own.  A dream that needed to be continued…a team was made and feelings were found. 

“I want everyone to know Brooke is mine.”

 The love story between Saxon and Brooke never felt forced or overdone.  Especially with the small snippets you get of interactions between Nate and Saxon.  Finding herself again with the help of her friendship with Saxon, she begins to realize how many slight changes happen in comprising within a relationship. Being able to be herself and not feel the pressure to behave a certain way was something I found a connection with, and made me feel a stronger pull to all things Saxon.  Afraid of scaring her away he loved her in a way that made her find herself, realize HER dreams and build a future on her terms.
I really enjoyed this book and look forward to more from this author…
Written by: unrulygirl

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