Whispered Prayers Of A Girl by Alex Grayson

One of my favorite books this year. Heartbreaking, beautiful, so personal it is almost mesmerizing in parts. The situations that bring these people together, reminded me not to judge so harshly. To always remember that every story is unique and not to be assumed. That every soul deserves it’s mate, even after tragedy and heartbreak. That families can be made with a simple gesture, trusting one another enough. I loved every single part of this book. It had my heart soaring and plummeting with every word. The beauty of every person being so defined and revered. The beauty of love and kindness being all that matters. Scars are reminders of what life has dealt you, what you have lived through and come out stronger due to. I can’t recommend this book enough. Alex Grayson did an amazing job of creating a beautiful love story within the heartbreak of two families. Incredible. Worthy.

Written by: unrulygirl

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